What is a Trademark?

What is a Fanciful Trademark?

What is an Arbitrary Trademark?

What is a Suggestive Trademark?

What is a Descriptive Trademark?

What is an Example of a Descriptive Trademark?

How can Someone Register a Descriptive Trademark?

What is a Generic Trademark?

Would Xerox now be considered a generic trademark (or Band-Aid)?

How does a Trademark Become Generic?

Why do I need to Register a Trademark?

What Trademarks can Someone Register?

When you Register a Trademark for your Business Name, are all Associated Logos Automatically Included? Or Do you Have to Register Logos Separately?

Can Trademark Law Protect Quotes, Taglines, Catchphrases, Marketing Phrases, and Business Slogans?

What are Common Law Rights? What Protections do They Offer?

Once a Trademark is Approved, does That Mean you can use the Letters “TM” in all Logos/Branding? What are the Guidelines?

What is a Trademark License Agreement?

What is a Trademark Licensee?

Why Should a Trademark Owner Care who Uses the Trademark Owner’s Trademarks?

What Provisions Should be Included in a Trademark License?

What are Additional Provisions for Trademark License Agreements?

How are Royalties Calculated?

What is a Royalty Percentage?

What is a Fixed-Value Royalty Payment?

What Happens if the Licensor goes Bankrupt?

What are some Terms to Govern Licensor Bankruptcy?

What are Some Terms to Govern Licensee Bankruptcy?

What is the jurisdiction of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office?

What is the Difference between the TTAB and Federal District Court?

What is a Trademark Opposition or Cancellation Proceeding?

What are the differences between Trademark Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings?

What are First Steps for TTAB Defendants?

How does a Party in the TTAB Submit Evidence?

What is Trademark Infringement?

Is it trademark infringement if someone else is using my company’s name but for a different business?

How must a Plaintiff be Using a Trademark?

What Happens if Someone else uses my Trademark?

What is an Example of when a Similar mark Wouldn’t be Confusing for Customers?

What is Likelihood of Confusion?

What Is Trademark Dilution?

What is Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act?

What are Defenses to Trademark Infringement?

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