What is your intellectual property plan for 2017?

If your plan does not include trademark monitoring, then your plan is lacking.

What is trademark monitoring? It’s discovering what trademarks that are filed that are similar to your trademarks. It’s discovering what trademarks that move to publication (like all of your registrations did) that are similar to your trademarks.

It is possible that others will try to register a mark that is similar to your mark. As the owner of a registered mark, there is only a certain period of time to object to another applicant’s similar application.

The important step is to search regularly for new trademark applications that can possibly interfere with a business’ registered trademarks.

Trademark Search

Verna Law, P.C. can assist in advising in how to monitor and protect your business’ trademarks and can offer options for action. Verna Law, P.C., can give you a monthly report on what trademarks are filed and what trademarks are published that are similar to your registered trademarks. Then you can discuss the report with Verna Law, P.C., and decide what steps to take in order to enforce your trademark.

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