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One regulatory investigation into an unfounded medical claim can be enough to sink a growing company. Run afoul of Facebook’s Terms of Service during an ill-planned promotion and the audience you’ve spent years cultivating can be ripped away from you forever. The experts at Verna Law help you and your team craft effective marketing and advertising campaigns while limiting your exposure to competitor challenges and regulatory investigations.


Advertising law language is constantly changing

Not long ago, a business could reply upon its integrity to produce advertising and promotions which complied with the law. That is no longer the case. Legislators and state/federal agency employess often have a dim view of marketing and promotional methods, and this is often reflected in the thorny and convoluted statutes and regulations. The creation, production, implementation and placement of all commercial messages and promotions are heavily regulated. Regulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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Advertising Law and Clearances

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Direct marketing including direct mail, infomercials, email and mobile devices

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Telemarketing campaigns


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With advertising and promotion law, small oversights can have big consequences.  Make the team at Verna Law an active part of your advertising and marketing conversation. Make better decisions and spend your ad dollars more effectively.
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