This is our first “Law & Business” podcast episode recorded during the International Bar Association annual convention.  This year it was in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

With John Rubinstein of Rubinstein Phillips Lewis Smith Ltd. of London, Episode 25 of the “Law & Business” podcast covers differences between the American and British trademark systems and differences in law. One particular example is “The Prince of Comfort” (originally in German) and how it may have a lack of distinctiveness in.  John Rubinstein had interesting issues in registering “GQ” as a trademark.

This was John’s first podcast episode ever – and he did a fantastic job.  John and Anthony also discuss how other trademarks are registered and how strong, for example, the “Burger King” trademark is.  (Please note:  In Australia, it’s Hungry Jack’s, so there’s no doubt that the trademark there is arbitrary.)

John’s particular focus is disputes concerning publishing, intellectual property, the media, art, commercial contracts, professional negligence and IT.

Over the years John has applied existing and evolving legal principles to deal with technological developments in IT, electronic media and communications. He has also promoted, and developed an expertise in privacy related law.

John Rubinstein, Rubinstein Phillips Lewis Smith Ltd.

A member of the International Bar Association since 1989, John served as Co-Chairman of the Art and Cultural Property Law Committee from 1998 to 2001. He speaks fluent French and conversational Italian.