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A strong patent begins with complete understanding.
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Review your potential patent law risks and opportunities

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It’s not just about your great idea.

Through years of experience, our team has developed a multipoint approach to patent application and enforcement. This approach helps ensure the most robust protection available for the inventor, which enables sustainable revenue and growth.

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Review your potential patent law risks and opportunities

What makes my invention novel?

The answer can be complicated.

Before you find out if your invention is novel, you need a firm grasp of what makes it new. Take a good look at all the related products and technologies and determine what makes your invention different. Did you add a component? Change the order of the steps? Apply the technology in a new field? Before you can determine if your invention is novel you must first know what makes it different than everything else.

The patent process entails negotiating with the patent office. You will need to convince the patent examiner that the flexible guard is not the same thing as the rigid guard or the machine without a guard. What may be more difficult is convincing the examiner that the flexible guard is not obvious in light of the rigid guard. Experienced professional counsel is crucial.

Our Specialties

Here at Verna Law we have a team that is experienced in engineering and in drafting patents to make them as strong and broad as possible.

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What We Can Do For You

Patent Law is complicated and can very quickly get expensive. Our Patent Law team has the knowledge and experience to protect exactly what you need so your company can grow quickly and well.

Prior Art Search & Analysis

Determine the scope of protection available within the context of potential demanded and marketable product. Marketplace Review optional.

Draft Patents

Executed hand in hand with inventor for completeness and accuracy. We provide the patent offices with the most thorough and complete application possible. This minimizes objections and rejections, and helps reduce prosecution costs.

Enforcement Financing & Management

We’ll work on your behalf to recover damages and royalties stemming from patent infringement.

IP Portfolio Review

Whether you are purchasing an IP portfolio or investing in a startup, it is important to undertake an objective evaluation of the portfolio.

Patent Law Blog

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Video Blog 33: Patent FAQ: Do I need a model or prototype?

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