In Episode 6, I talk with Paul Lukas, ESPN’s uniform reporter and the host of the UniWatch blog.  We discuss classic logo design and what makes classic logo design.  Paul digs deep into his repository of design critique to offer some tips to the logo designer about how a business should go about designing a new logo for a new brand.

I discuss how this affects trademark law.  Trademarks should be “fanciful” or “arbitrary” to be their strongest.  It is easier to protect trademarks that are stronger than ones that are “descriptive“, as consumers should not have a preconceived connectedness between the goods/services behind the brand and the brand itself.

Paul’s conclusions about classic logo design being equivalent to a business’ longevity seem to echo how trademark law works.  The best logos work because there is not a relationship between the logos and the business – the business makes that connection in consumers’ minds.