Wil Jacques, MBA, registered patent agent

Wil Jacques

Patent Agent to Verna Law, P.C. LinkedIn Profile: Wil Jacques Wil Jacques is Verna Law’s patent agent.  After stints with Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Prudential, Union Carbide/Praxair, Competitive Technologies, IP Finance, Nerac, CPA Global, and Sun Life Financial, analyst-marketer Wil Jacques entered the world of patent prosecution. Wil Jacques is a senior intellectual property subject matter expert with over 25 years of development, patenting, commercialization, and licensing experience in public and private sector engineering, manufacturing, and sales organizations. Though providing a broader range of services, his practice focuses on assisting early-stage entrepreneurs and companies attract capital investments and out-licensing opportunities with larger more established market players. His specific competencies include patent prosecution, patented technology valuation, market due diligence, business opportunity identification, and licensing negotiations as an agent of the patent and/or technology owner.

James (Jim) R. Huerta

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Nessa Group Technical and Business Advisor to Verna Law, P.C. LinkedIn Profile: James R. (Jim) Huerta James R. (Jim) Huerta is a seasoned executive with senior line management experience. He has held positions in a wide variety of industries including Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Strategic Business Consulting, Market Research, Mining, and Security & Commodity Trading and Trade Finance.
Mr. Huerta’s strengths lay in his broad experience base in many industries. His market research together with his leadership skills provides the platform for his successes in senior line positions. In addition, his accomplishments have ranged from launching companies uniquely positioned for success to operating turn-around situations for investor groups. He has been recognized and accredited for the recovery of two publicly traded companies, one in the commodity trading industry and the other in the tech transfer/IP sector. Jim has held among numerous line positions during his career:
  • CEO – Research Company.
  • CFO – Firm creating markets and news in the Intellectual Property (IP) space.
  • COO – Publicly traded legacy technology transfer company.
  • Principal Managing Director – Consulting firm assisting major international banks in their commodity trading divisions.
  • Vice President/Controller – International Bank involved in Trade Finance and Commodity trading.
  • Director – System Administration – Fortune 100 Entertainment Company.
  Currently, he is an evaluator/mentor for the Green House program at Columbia University Graduate Business School. The program provides entrepreneurial training for students who want to start their own business upon graduation. The program is supported by grants from the Lang Foundation, established by Eugene Lang whose company REFAC was a pioneer in the patent infringement space. Mr. Huerta served in the US Air Force Strategic Air Command, Logistics. He is fluent in Spanish and of Cuban descent. He earned his BBA from Baruch College and his MBA from the University of New Haven.

Barry Kolevzon

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Nessa Group. Technical and Business Advisor to Verna Law, P.C. LinkedIn Profile: Barry Kolevzon Barry Kolevzon is an experienced senior line executive in numerous industries that include consumer products, beverage, machinery, manufacturing and packaging. He currently, in addition to his leadership in The Nessa Group, is Executive Director of New York Private Equity Forums that helps companies raise capital.
Mr. Kolevzon brings analytical skills that he has learned and successfully used in in turning companies around and back to profitable levels. He is highly touted for his evaluations of corporate business models and the issues that are creating difficulty for the company that prevents them from obtaining their goals. His strategic planning expertise and leadership in the execution of recommend strategies have been recognized in successfully turning around these client companies. He is a sales professional with proven record for conceiving, planning, and executing innovative strategies for increasing revenue and profits in highly competitive markets. Barry Kolevzon has held line positions during his career as:
  • CEO – Beverage Company (Interim), Consulting Company
  • Executive Vice President – Consumer Products Company
  • General Manager – International Machinery Company, private Packaging Company
  • Executive Director – New York Private Equity Forums
  • Managing Director – Global Private Investment Banker
  • Group Controller – public major international Forest Products/Packaging Company.
He has served on Board of Directors for public and private companies and as a Board Member of a national non-profit group.  He is a former Officer in the US Army Reserve with an Honorable Discharge. He attended the Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute Course. He obtained a BA from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ and an MBA from the Columbia University Graduate Business School in Business Economics and Finance in New York, NY where he was a graduate assistant.