Intellectual Property Law

Protect your business and its value

Patent Law

Through years of experience, our team has developed a multipoint approach to patent application and enforcement. This approach helps ensure the most robust protection available for the inventor, which enables sustainable revenue and growth.

Trademark Law

Failing to properly protect your intellectual property can help other people make a lot of money off your hard work and ideas. Let the experts at Verna Law conduct a review of your business’ intellectual property assets and liabilities to ensure you have the protection you deserve.

Advertising and Promotion Law

One regulatory investigation into an unfounded medical claim can be enough to sink a growing company. Run afoul of Facebook’s Terms of Service during an ill-planned promotion and the audience you’ve spent years cultivating can be ripped away from you forever.

Copyright Law

A Copyright is best described as a set of rights granted by the government for the expressions of ideas or information.Quite literally, it is the set of rights the owner has to allow copies of the expression to be made.

Domain Name Disputes

Maybe you are a domain name owner involved in a domain name dispute with an overzealous trademark holder. Maybe you’re a trademark owner who is the victim of abusive domain name registration.


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The Law & Business Podcast

Using Intellectual Property protections and sound advice to grow your business.

Law & Business Podcast Episode

“Law & Business” Podcast Episode 37: World Patent Scams

In Episode 37 of the "Law & Business" podcast, Anthony sits down with John Eastwood, partner of Eiger Law in Taipei, Taiwan. Anthony and John discuss "worldwide patents," a common misunderstanding that does lead to the scamming of those who have patents in a...
Anthony Verna - Intellectual Property and Advertising Law

Law & Business Podcast Episode 36: MillerCoors sues AB InBev (Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC) over “corn syrup” campaign

In Episode 36 of the "Law & Business" Podcast, Anthony and producer Marc Sterne talk about the MillerCoors lawsuit against AB InBev over its "corn syrup" campaign, which started during the Super Bowl. This episode (minisode? miniwebisode?) was recorded at Chatter...

Episode 35 of the “Law & Business” Podcast – Why You Need to Register a Copyright

In Episode 35 of the "Law & Business" Podcast, Anthony talks (all by himself) about why a person or business must register a copyright in a work that qualifies under copyright law. Yes, the Supreme Court recently ruled that a copyright infringement lawsuit can...
Law & Business Podcast Episode

Law & Business Podcast Episode 34: What do Trump’s Trademarks in China Teach All Businesses?

In Episode 34 of the "Law & Business" podcast, Anthony Verna talks to John Eastwood, a partner at Eiger Law in Taipei, Taiwan. They discuss the issuance of the Trump trademarks in China, if there appears to be any issues outside of the normal issuance of...

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