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Patent Law

Through years of experience, our team has developed a multipoint approach to patent application and enforcement. This approach helps ensure the most robust protection available for the inventor, which enables sustainable revenue and growth.

Trademark Law

Failing to properly protect your intellectual property can help other people make a lot of money off your hard work and ideas. Let the experts at Verna Law conduct a review of your business’ intellectual property assets and liabilities to ensure you have the protection you deserve.

Advertising and Promotion Law

One regulatory investigation into an unfounded medical claim can be enough to sink a growing company. Run afoul of Facebook’s Terms of Service during an ill-planned promotion and the audience you’ve spent years cultivating can be ripped away from you forever.

Copyright Law

A Copyright is best described as a set of rights granted by the government for the expressions of ideas or information.Quite literally, it is the set of rights the owner has to allow copies of the expression to be made.

Domain Name Disputes

Maybe you are a domain name owner involved in a domain name dispute with an overzealous trademark holder. Maybe you’re a trademark owner who is the victim of abusive domain name registration.


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The Law & Business Podcast

Using Intellectual Property protections and sound advice to grow your business.

Video Blog: Super Bowl Time! Here are some trademark facts from a lawyer who has fought the NFL several times in court over trademark matters.

It's a fun Super Bowl weekend! So this video blog talks about trademarks for the Super Bowl, the NFL, and teams. Enjoy!
Anthony Verna Video Blog: Lizzo Registers Trademark for 100% That Bitch - after the USPTO declined to register the trademark for 100% That Bitch, it then was overruled and had to register the trademark. Why and how was this change made?

Video Blog: Lizzo tries to register 100% That Bitch as a trademark – denied at first, allowed in the end. Why?

The Patent and Trademark Office of the United States refused to register a Lizzo trademark application for "100% That Bitch" in apparel. The reason why is because a phrase/trademark has to function as a trademark. Taking a T-shirt and puting a phrase on top of it - we...
Video Blog 24: Why Were the Chicago Cubs Sued for Copyright Infringement?

Video Blog: Thoughts on the OkGo-Post Trademark Infrignement Lawsuit

Let's talk a little bit about the Post cereal lawsuit against OkGo. I think there's been a lot of confusion about that. So I figured even though I'm on the road, let's chat post filed a lawsuit against the band. Okay go. Why Post wants to file a trademark called OkGo...
Heather Abissi

Law and Business Podcast Episode 62: Heather and Anthony Talk about Domain Names

The "Law & Business" podcast has returned. Once again, we are with Heather Abissi, our co-host, from Abissi Law. We discuss domain names: How domain names are property;How domain names relate to trademark law;In which ways a person or business can challenge the...

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Infringement of patents

What are Some Patent Infringement Examples?

Patent Infringement Examples What are some examples of patent infringement and what do those cases tell us Patent infringement is the unauthorized creation or sale of a product that matches one or more claims in an active patent.  A patent owner has the legal right to...
Trademark my name

How to Prove Trademark Infringement

How to Prove Trademark Infringement Trademark law protects a trademark owner's exclusive right to use a trademark when another's use would likely cause consumer confusion about the source or origin of goods. Governed by the Lanham Act, establishing a violation...
Patented Stamp Shows Trademark Patent Or Registered

Why is Section 112 of the Patent Act Important?

Why is Section 112 of the Patent Act important?   Section 112 of the Patent Act, codified as 35 U.S.C. § 112, outlines the requirements for the specification of a patent application. This section is critical as it defines what an inventor must include in their patent...
Advertising Law

Free Advertising – What does the FTC Think?

Free Advertising - What does the FTC Think? "Free" offers in advertising are governed partially by the FTC Act in the United States.   The offer of “Free” merchandise or service is a promotional device frequently used to attract customers. Providing such merchandise...

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