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At Verna Law, P.C., we specialize in patent filings tailored to the dynamic and innovative landscape of the toy industry. As leaders in intellectual property protection, our dedicated team has a proven track record of securing patents for toy companies, safeguarding their unique and groundbreaking creations.

Explore the World of Iconic Toy Patents

Curious about some of the most popular toy patents that have left a lasting mark on the industry? Delve into a curated list showcasing timeless innovations:

  1. LEGO Building Blocks:

    • Explore the myriad patents behind LEGO’s iconic interlocking brick design, fostering endless creative possibilities for builders of all ages.
  2. Rubik’s Cube:

    • Step back to the 1970s with Ernő Rubik’s patent for the Rubik’s Cube, a 3D puzzle that remains an enduring global phenomenon.
  3. Barbie Doll:

    • Witness the classic patent from the 1960s by Ruth Handler for the original Barbie doll, exemplifying the essence of timeless toy design.
  4. Nerf Foam Dart Blasters:

    • Dive into Hasbro’s collection of patents for Nerf blasters, a perennial favorite among toy enthusiasts for decades.
  5. Etch A Sketch:

    • Experience the brilliance of André Cassagnes’ patent from the 1960s, bringing to life the mechanical drawing joy of the Etch A Sketch.
  6. Furby:

    • Uncover the patent for the interactive robotic toy Furby, originally held by Tiger Electronics and later by Hasbro.
  7. Tamagotchi:

    • Travel back to the 1990s with Bandai’s patent for the Tamagotchi, a groundbreaking virtual pet simulation device that captured hearts worldwide.
  8. Super Soaker Water Guns:

    • Make a splash with Lonnie Johnson’s patents for the beloved Super Soaker water guns, an essential summertime companion.
  9. Tickle Me Elmo:

    • Recall the holiday sensation with Tyco Toys’ patents for the ever-popular Tickle Me Elmo plush toy, captivating audiences of all ages.

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