What is a patent?

What is a “provisional application for patent?”

What does “Patent Pending” mean?

Are there different kinds of patents in the United States?

How can I figure out if what I invented has already been patented?

If I’m familiar with similar products to my invention, must I tell anyone?

What is the process for obtaining a patent?

What kinds of inventions are eligible for patent protection?

What makes an invention patentable?

What makes an invention “novel”?

What does it mean for an invention to be non-obvious?

Do I need a model or prototype before I can file a patent?

Can I patent my software invention?

Should I file a Provisional Application or a ‘regular’ application?

Can the public get information about my patent application while it is pending?

How do I check the status of my patent application?

What happens during the prosecution of a patent application?

Who is the patent granted to, if two people work on the invention together?

How long does a patent last? What is the term of the patent?

Can I publish, publicly use, or offer my invention for sale before I apply for a patent?

Should I tell anyone about my idea or my invention?

Should I rush to file a patent application?

Do patent owners have to do anything to maintain patent protection?

Who enforces a patent?

Where can a district court patent case be filed?

What are the roles of the judge and the jury in a federal district court action?

What is different about an ITC proceeding?

Who hears appeals in patent cases?

What are a defendant’s responses to a patent infringement suit?

What is a post-grant proceeding?

How can a company be sued if it does not do exactly what is described in the patent?

What does the patent holder have to prove to win an infringement suit?

What are the statutory defenses to a claim of patent infringement?

What are the equitable defenses to a claim of patent infringement?

It looks like the patent is about something that has been known in the industry for a long time; why was it issued?

What damages are available for patent infringement?

Can U.S. patents reach overseas?

What is a reasonable royalty?

What are lost profits?

How does patent notice or marking affect damages?

How can the patent holder get treble damages?

Can injunctions be granted in patent cases?

Can either party be awarded attorneys’ fees?

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