Law & Business – Episode 38 – Anthony sits down with the Rev. Mark Schaefer, the Chaplain of American University. Yes, that means that this episode takes a little different path than the usual episode of the “Law & Business” podcast.

Mark talks about his history from practicing law to being a member of the Methodist clergy. Mark also discusses some of his philosophy and how law and religion relate to each other.

Mark’s book is The Certainty of Uncertainty: The Way of Inescapable Doubt and Its Virtue,¬†published by Wipf & Stock. The book takes a look at our desire for certainty, explores the unavoidable nature of uncertainty, and reveals how embracing uncertainty and doubt is transformative for our selves and for our world. Of course, the book can be found in bookstores and on Amazon.

Rev. Mark Schaefer is the tenth University Chaplain in American University’s history, appointed to the position in September 2016 after having served for 14 years as AU’s United Methodist Chaplain. He is a graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary and is an ordained elder in the Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church. Mark has also been teaching as an adjunct professor in the Philosophy and Religion Department since fall 2006. He has also been a summer instructor in Biblical Greek and New Testament at neighboring Wesley Theological Seminary. Prior to his ecclesiastical career, Mark was a practicing attorney in the District of Columbia and is a graduate of the George Washington University Law School. Mark holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Russian Language and Literature from the State University of New York at Albany. A native of New York State, he was born in Buffalo and grew up in Center Brunswick, near Albany.