I’m Anthony Verna, managing partner of Verna Law. But chances are you already knew that!

Hey, it’s the middle of February and what does everyone say about the middle of February? It’s my favorite time of year.

Like, nobody says that about the middle of February, but it is my favorite time of year because it’s Toy Fair and yes, I like toys.

There we go.

So ,what are some of the results that Verna Law has had for intellectual property in the toy industry? And, again, let’s do that disclaimer. Past results cannot indicate any future results, but we certainly have protected plush toys from counterfeiting and also copyright infringement as well.

We actually have recently received, our team has received the patent in the plush toy industry, which frankly still amazes me that there’s something new that can be invented in plush toys. But there is, so we’ve been able to take that patent for, for one of our clients.

The fact remains is that there’s plenty of intellectual property for the toy industry, whether it’s patents and new inventions, anything new that’s being developed. The designs can be protected: the shapes of those toys.

And, of course, any new toy, any new product line falls under trademark as well in the copyright realm.

A lot of times in today’s world, we see toy companies taking one particular product, like a plush toy, and making that a character and then taking back stories and making comic books and making books and videos.

So, all of that falls under copyright law as well. Don’t forget advertising law is very important to the toy industry. The Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act keeps getting tweaked. Well, not really tweaked, but reinterpreted as different administrations come and go. This is my 11th year at Toy Fair, which means this is my third presidential administration. Trust me, all three presidential administrations interpret the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act differently.

So there’s a whole lot to think about from IP and advertising for the toy industry, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I am going to have very, very painful feet at the end of toy fair, but it’s just a great industry to go to. Again, I’m Anthony Verna, managing partner Verna Law. www.vernalaw.com Thank you.