In Episode 39 of the “Law & Business” podcast, Anthony speaks to Connie Steele of Flywheel Associates. We talk to Connie about her “Agile Marketing” philosophy.

Marketing, Advertising, and Intellectual Property go hand-in-hand. Many clients of Verna Law have had frustrations taking their patents and trademarks and moving their ideas into the marketplace. Managing and adapting to change can be a daunting challenge. With business operations being more interconnected internally and externally, marketing and advertising require not just a macro view of your environment, but also micro-understanding of the unique way an organization runs.

This is the crux of Connie Steele’s philosophy of Flywheel Associates and her Agile Marketing philosophy.

With over 20 years of experience working in start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, B2C and B2B businesses, Connie understands how to propel business forward by not only developing their business and marketing strategies but also ensuring the successful execution of those efforts.

Connie started her business strategy and marketing consultancy Flywheel Associates as well as her internationally downloaded podcast, the Strategic Momentum Podcast to help business leaders identify how to work through challenges commonly impacting organizations today. Her cross-industry, cross-functional experience has provided a unique perspective on what it takes to realize change in organizations. Having worked as a corporate executive and outside consultant, strategist, and project implementation lead, she’s seen the challenges from all sides that have inhibited people and the companies they work for from achieving their goals.

Connie fundamentally believes that no one solution fits all, which is what makes this discussion all the more pertinent. Marketing and advertising is a process of continuously learning, iterating, and adapting those solutions based on data-driven insights. It also involves combining that knowledge with what works best in an organization’s culture. She thrives off of working intimately with her clients to provide the insights that will create the catalyst for forward movement.

Because it’s about understanding the ‘how’ that will create the strategic momentum you are striving for. And with the right resources, businesses don’t just move forward, businesses will accelerate.