On Episode 162 of “The Bringing Business to Retail Show” with Salena Knight, Anthony Verna makes a guest appearance to talk about the legal implications of running a promotion.

Grow your retail business and blitz your competition by learning business strategies from outside the retail industry. Whether your just thinking about opening a boutique, or if you already have a successful retail store, Salena Knight will introduce you to new concepts you can implement into your business.

Some of the topics Anthony and Salena cover in Episode 162 are:


  • What are the difference in internet and advertising law 10 years ago and now? [10:33]
  • Why we all should have terms and conditions in our ads and promotions [19:04]
  • What is the difference between facebook law and state/country law when it comes to promotions? [24:37]
  • Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the prize gets to the recipient? [30:20]


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The Legal Implications Of Running A Promotion – Anthony Verna

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