What is our law firm’s philosophy?

Our law firm’s focus is patent, trademark, copyright, and advertising/e-commerce/privacy and general business law.  This means that we believe in the ability of a business to protect its intellectual property – its trademarks, copyrights and trade dress – and then use it to make money.

There are many trademarks – both registered and common-law (unregistered).  There are many competitors.  A business’ risk in using a trademark is only known when the data the business can find is known.  Competitors (and, often, businesses in different industries) are more aggressive than ever in trying to claim their virtual land, so that any new entrants need to gather data to learn the proper risk in using and applying for a trademark.

Trademark, Copyright and Advertising law for your business.

There is much regulation in the advertising world.  Yes, a business must use its intellectual property in order to make money.  But there are state and federal laws that regulate what an advertisement may claim and how promotions are run.

Our New York-based law firm can help your business review its intellectual property, register its intellectual property, monitor and enforce its intellectual property, and then use its intellectual property in advertising in order to make money.

Why New York City?

Because New York City is the heart of business.  Small businesses, start-ups, tech companies, large corporations, advertising agencies are all in New York City.  Our firm represents a wide array of businesses: small and large, domestic and international. Our firm works effectively with business owners, senior executives, creative people, middle managers, and corporate counsel. Our firm offers practical legal advice, the benefits of experience and strategic focus, and innovative approaches to the needs of modern business. Our team of attorneys has over 40 years experience in advising businesses on how to protect intellectual property, raise its value and do business.

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