In the “Law & Business” podcast, Episode 28, Raj Goel of Brainlink International talks about Operational Maturity in business.

What is Operational Maturity and what are the levels of Operational Maturity (OML)?  The difference between the OMLs of businesses depends upon the standardization of the internal and external processes they employ, their competency in the services they provide, and the value they place upon industry investments. A firm with a low OML (level one or two) generally lacks the uniformity of resources and knowledge of operations to run a business effectively.

Businesses with level two OMLs have generally reached a point where processes are more standardized and repeated but complete uniformity has not been achieved.

In this podcast episode, Raj Goel talks about where his business, Brainlink International ranks on the OML chart, what his business did to climb to that level, and what can still be done to grow.

At a level three OML, the business has established an overall consistency throughout the organization and within the services it delivers. The business is capable of developing strategic plans to drive its services as opposed to merely keeping them afloat.

Businesses that have reached the operational maturity of a level four or five have learned to leverage their industries’ products or services effectively.  The firm will deliver consistent service and support, a stable business environment, and proactive monitoring of its services or products.

The difference between a level four and a level five business exists primarily in the more mature businesses’ ability to enhance its customers gain a competitive edge within their industries. A firm with a high operational maturity level will act as a trusted provider and a trusted partner for its customers or clients.

Raj Goel also discusses Brainlink’s need for standard operating procedures (SOPs) and how following standard operating procedures helps build efficiencies and helps continue to grow the OML of Brainlink and build the business overall.

Raj Goel, CISSP, is an author, entrepreneur, IT expert and industry leader that specializes in the field of cyber security and privacy law. As founder of Brainlink, Raj has spent more than 20 years developing proven IT solutions for a range of high-profile clients in the financial, construction, architectural and property management industries.

His uniquely developed SOPCulture Process (winner of 2015 SmartCEO’s Culture Award) has changed the way his clients think about documentation by showing them how to develop processes for documentation of each and every task, allowing them to rapidly increase productivity, eliminate redundancies and increase quality of service to their clients.