Episode 16 of the “Law & Business” podcast is about How Small Businesses Fail and Why It’s Too Important.  Anthony Verna sat down with Jim Huerta of the Nessa Group, a senior-level advisory firm that helps companies realize their potential, achieve their goals, save money, and increase their profits.

What’s on the mind of a business advisory firm?  How small businesses fail.  Many small businesses fail – it’s why the Lanham Act requires proof that trademarks are in use between 5 and 6 years after registration.  But small businesses don’t have to fail – small businesses can grow and become big businesses.

The goals of the Nessa Group and Verna Law, P.C. are aligned – to help businesses grow.  The conversation that Jim and Anthony have revolves around different strategies both Jim and Anthony have taken in order to help their clients grow.

Jim is a seasoned executive with senior line management experience. He has held positions in a wide variety of industries including Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Strategic Business Consulting, Market Research, Mining, and Security & Commodity Trading and Trade Finance.