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You Should Trademark Your Business name
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You Should Trademark Your Business Name!

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Process for Registering a Trademark

You Should Perform a Trademark Search

Potential Plaintiffs

  • A trademark search shows possible plaintiffs.  Does your business’ trademark cause a likelihood of confusion with other trademarks that are already registered or in use?  

Analysis of the Trademark

Trademark Your Name for a Full Analysis

A trademark search reveals how strong your trademark choice is. For example, if there are 50 other similar trademarks in economically related goods/services, then the trademark you chose is particularly weak, especially if the trademark itself is related to the goods/services the mark is to represent. If a trademark search shows that a trademark is in a crowded field, then it may be better to find a new mark. Fanciful trademarks are stronger and will probably live in a less-crowded field, making them easier to police and enforce.

At Verna Law, P.C. we can help with:

  • Trademark Applications
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Infringement

Our Specialties

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Trademark Due Diligence

Trademark Opinion Letters

Trademark Applications

Trademark Office Actions

Trademark Cease-and-Desist Letters

Trademark Oppositions

Trademark Cancellations

Trademark Infringement Litigation

Trademark infringement Defense

Trademark Services

What We Can Do For You

You should trademark your business name. Let Verna Law perform a search, do the due diligence, draft an opinion letter, then file the trademark application. Trademarks are business assets that help provide value for your business. You should trademark your business name.

Trademark Applications

Verna Law can help you apply for your trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

USPTO Office Actions

Verna Law can help respond to rejections at the USPTO. Those Office Actions prevent your trademark from registering.

Trademark Infringement

Our lawyers are licensed in New York, New Jersey, Washington and California, helping you enforce your trademark nationwide.

Trademark Licensing

Verna Law can help draft a licensing agreement that stays in your favor.

From Our Managing Partner

You should trademark your business name.

Trademarks come in many forms.  Trademarks can be business names, product names, slogans, taglines – even sounds and colors!  Let the lawyers at Verna Law help your business develop a portfolio for all your intellectual property.  Registering your trademarks will help your business keep and maintain its value in the long run.  We are here to help your business be successful by implementing and leveraging intellectual property in many forms.

Read our Trademark Law FAQ for more!

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