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Patent Law

A strong patent begins with a thorough understanding of the inventor’s technology and business/market goals.

Inventor Interview/Idea Discussion

Sets the stage and framework for developing and protecting the technological advances that provide an advantage in the marketplace. The goal is to generate sustainable revenue and growth.

Prior Art Search & Analysis

(w/Optional Marketplace Review) Determine the scope of protection available within the context of potential demanded and marketable product.

Draft of Patent/Review Draft

Executed with inventor for completeness and accuracy – provide patent office(s) with the most complete application to minimize objections/rejections and reduce prosecution costs.

Enforcement Financing & Management

We’ll work on your behalf to recover damages and royalties stemming from patent infringement.

IP Portfolio Review

Whether you are purchasing an IP portfolio or investing in a startup, it is important to undertake an objective evaluation of the portfolio. Startups typically claim that their technology is “patent pending” but this means nothing as anyone can file a patent application on anything. Before investing any money, a careful review of all patent and trademark documents is essential. Verna Law, P.C. can:

  • Review issued patents to evaluate what the claims cover;
  • Review issued patents to confirm validity in view of prior art
  • Review pending patents to determine likely outcomes at the USPTO;
  • Confirm proper title of patents; and
  • Generate a complete report exploring all issues regarding an IP portfolio.