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Verna Law, P.C. is a premier boutique law firm with a unique focus on Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Advertising, and Media Law). Anthony M. Verna III, Managing Partner of Verna Law, P.C., has served the New York City metropolitan region since 2006 and is licensed in all federal courts in New York City.


Our Lawyers’ Priority is Protecting Your Invention

So, you’ve invented something. Maybe you’ve made a discovery, created a new piece of machinery, or figured out a way to improve a business practice. Whatever it is, you’ve worked hard to add something valuable to society, and we want to help make sure your contribution is protected.

That’s why we’re patent lawyers—attorneys who are well-versed in the intellectual property laws that deal with new inventions. Essentially, a patent is a document that gives you the property right to your invention. What a patent grants you, though, isn’t the right to make your invention— you can always do that, unless a law or other patent interferes with your particular invention. What a patent allows you to do is to make sure that other people can’t make, use, sell, or import your invention into the United States for a period of 15-20 years.

Historically, patents protected tangible scientific inventions, including circuit boards, car engines, heating coils, or zippers. Nowadays, patents can protect not just these kinds of inventions, but discoveries like coding algorithms, genetically modified organisms, and new varieties of plants. Patents are important because they allow inventors like yourself to continue creating solutions to problems.

Applying for a patent can be a complicated process. Our expert patent team at Verna Law makes it simple.

Patent Law Firm serving New York City

Patent Applications

A patent lets you prevent others from copying and selling your invention. But how can you apply for one and what’s involved? Verna Law’s patent lawyers can help you through the whole application process of applying for a patent. There are two kinds. A provisional application is significantly less expensive, but it only lasts for one year and allows you to claim “patent pending” while you’re building, marketing and selling your invention. The second is a non-provisional application, which is a regular application reviewed by the US Patent and Trademark office. This one takes longer to review and is more expensive but if approved lasts 15-20 years. We’ll work with you to decide which kind of patent to apply for (utility, design, or plant), choose your strategy (whether you’re looking for international or US only), file your application and all the steps in between. Are you looking to apply for a patent?

Patent Litigation

Verna Law’s team is made up of experienced patent lawyers who’re ready to help you through litigation. If you find that someone is infringing on your patent—meaning they’re making, using, selling, or importing your patented invention into the US during your 15-20 year monopoly as expressed in your patent—we’re prepared to help you sue. Infringement is determined by comparing the language of the patent to the allegedly infringing invention, and our patent lawyers will do everything in our power to protect your intellectual property. Our team is led by Anthony M. Verna III, Managing Partner of Verna Law, who uses his degree in computer science and experience working on pharmaceutical and computer engineering patent litigation to fight for your invention.
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Are you curious about the difference between patent and copyright law? Copyright law only protects the expression of ideas. Independently creating what’s copyrighted isn’t against copyright law, because there was no copying, but in patent law, you can independently create something but still be infringing on a claim of the patent. Do you hold a patent but want to authorize a company or someone else to make, use, or sell your invention through a patent license agreement? The patent lawyers at Verna Law are here to answer all of your patent questions.
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Our Patent Legal Team

The right legal team can make all the difference in protecting you and your ideas. We pride ourselves on being your trusted patent lawyers in New York City. With over 40 years of combined experience, we offer big firm law expertise with the attention and speed you only get from a small firm. Our team is here to fight for what you create.

Anthony M. Verna III

Anthony M. Verna III

Managing Partner

Anthony is a member of both the New York and New Jersey Bars, as well as the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. He is a sought-after business speaker and has built Verna Law, P.C. to have a strong focus on Trademark, Copyright, Domain Names, Entertainment, and Advertising law, providing Intellectual Property services for modern businesses who want to promote and protect themselves and stand out in this market. Learn more here.

Wil Jacques

Wil Jacques

Patent Agent

With over 25 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, sales, strategic marketing, and technology licensing for government, industrial, and private sector organizations and clients, Wil is a patent valuation and licensing expert. His focus is on assisting early-stage companies in attracting capital investments and out-licensing opportunities with larger, more established market players including government, venture capital firms, and medium to large-size corporations.
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Judy Endejan

Judy Endejan

Litigation Consultant

Judy focuses on telecommunications, media, and intellectual property issues. With a unique blend of private practice and in-house experience, Judy spent ten years with GTE Corporation (now Verizon), acquiring substantial experience in public utility regulation and administrative law. She has also served as General Counsel for Fisher Communications, Inc., a major Northwest broadcast corporation.  Learn more here.

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