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Welcome to Verna Law, P.C., from Anthony M. Verna III.  Located in the shadow of New York City, Verna Law provides services in trademark, copyright and advertising law for its clients.  While registration, protection, defense, and prosecution of trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property are essential parts of any legitimate business, they must also be part of a comprehensive strategy that will enable steady, unfettered growth. With a strong focus on trademark, copyright, entertainment, and advertising law, Anthony M. Verna provides intellectual property counseling and services for clients globally.
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Do You Need to Expedite a Copyright Registration Filing?

Do you need to expedite a copyright registration filing? The Library of Congress' Copyright Office calls this application "Special Handling." Now, it does require a hefty fee of $800 on top of the $55 fee for a normal application. Special handling is the expedited...

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When to File a Motion to Dismiss in Litigation?

Quite often, many litigants are pro se (representing themselves) in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).  Also quite often, many litigants do not take the procedural rules of the TTAB seriously.  This is unfortunate, as the TTAB is a federal administrative...

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Do You Need to Expedite a Trademark Application?

Can a trademark application be expedited? Trademark applications take, on average, 12 months from filing to registration. For most businesses, this feels like an eternity, but it is generally the amount of time needed to get a trademark registered. In some limited...

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The Law & Business Podcast, hosted by Anthony M. Verna III. Hear discussions with leading experts on the many ways Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property impacts business every day. How do you protect your brand? What happens you’ve been accused of infringing on the trademark of a big company? How can a co-existence agreement help your business grow faster? Learn this and more.